Screen printed baboons

Peaceful or Belligerent?

Editorial project for Wallpaper * Magazine


Screen print


A map of my summer in Croatia. 


Screen prints and original pencil drawing.

'Numbers' series

This set of books contain hand drawn and collaged 
illustrations which represent the numbers 1-5. 
Shown above is 'three wishes' taken from book no.3.

Bird Flu

A three-layer lithography print representing 
the manifestation of Bird Flu. With each layer, 
the virus grows stronger. 

Toy Race

A comparison of new and old mechanical toys. The race is
gridded into time frames to show the progress of each toy.
The new toys are screen printed and the old toy is etched.


Three full colour spreads for children's book 'Home'. 


Lithography print I did for my mum. Drawn initially 
onto true-grain and then exposed onto a plate.

Lord of the Flies

Lithography prints